The PPK Alumni community operates within the ELTE Alumni organization as an independent faculty chapter. We believe in the community-building power of knowledge. We connect the past, present and future of PPK, all those who have ever completed their studies within the walls of the Faculty. We provide an opportunity for graduate students to interact with PPK as well as members of the community with whom they completed their studies. It is important for us to receive feedback on the fate of our former students and to be able to track the professional progress and career of our graduates. The knowledge gained together, and the share of it can help our alumni on the path of professional success. Our goals are common with the ELTE Alumni Center, whose mission is to preserve the spirit of ELTE, nurture the identity of ELTE, strengthen the attachment to the University among ELTE graduates, provide opportunities for joint experience and value creation, build and maintain a living, active relationship between former students and their Alma Mater.


How to register to the data base of ELTE Alumni and join PPK International Alumni Group ?

Why join the PPK Alumni community?

  • We provide opportunity for connecting and building relationships for our current and former students.
  • We support the preservation of professional relations.
  • We provide our graduate students with the opportunity to connect with those with whom they completed their studies, with whom they belonged to a community.
  • We provide assistance in organizing professional and community programs, class and group meetings.
  • We help to contact former classmates and teachers.
  • We provide information about our new educational programs, events related to pedagogy, psychology and sports science, scholarships, applications and further training opportunities.
  • We create an opportunity to get acquainted with the educational, scientific and professional work of the Faculty, to get an insight into the current life of the PPK
  • Registered members receive an ELTE Alumni membership card, which entitles them to various discounts.

Contact us if:

  • You would like to share your experience with active students in the faculty after your graduation;
  • You would like to introduce the Faculty of Education and Psychology to others;
  • You would like to draw the attention of our graduates and current students to scholarships,  internships, job opportunities, or professional events;
  • You would like to organize a meeting with former classmates and teachers;
  • You work for an organization that would be happy to collaborate with PPK.