Due to the emergency caused by coronavirus, the semester is going to proceed in the form of distance education. During the early spring break, a work team supporting distance education was established, and this group measured the ICT proficiency of the educators and students in order to provide customized support for them. Our lecturers were organized into mentor groups and they prepared by the methodological guide in to complete the semester as smoothly as it is possible. Students can’t enter the buildings of the university until further notice, classes will be held via distance education. The educators of the faculty are also asked to work from home as far as possible. We are continuously updating information regarding distance education on our website in order to help orientation and the usage of technological tools.

Above all, students must follow the instructions given by their instructors to continue their studies. Outside of Neptun, trainers will most often be contacted through Canvas, Moodle, and Microsoft Teams software, but if it is needed other forms of contact e.g. e-mail is also possible. Remote access to the library's online services is provided to both educators and students, the faculty offices are also transferred to digital operation, staff can be reached by email and phone as usual.

We encourage everyone to participate openly, flexibly and collaboratively in the joint development of distance education! At the same time, we ask that everyone take the utmost care to comply with the precautionary measures necessary to slow down the outbreak by minimizing community contact.

Take care of each other!