Distance education-Contact

For students

Who to contact first if you need help regarding distance education?

With questions that are related to different courses, and their distance support contact the instructor of the course, consult with him/her about the communication channels, platforms, and the conditions for completing the course in the context of distance education.

What to do if you have a question that goes beyond courses?

We recommend that you follow the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website, you will find the answers to many questions that arise. If you need further assistance, contact the Institute Secretariats or the Student Affairs and Registrar's Office by email or phone.


For lecturers

Who to contact first if you need help regarding distance education?

We have a mentoring system at the faculty to assist with distance education. If you have questions related to the learning management system or methodological or technical issues, first consult with your group mentor and group members. You can consult with your mentor, mentor group, and get ideas for education / course-related issues regarding distance education. You can contact them if you believe that your course cannot be completed in the context of distance education, or you feel that a student's request or question is difficult to deal with. You can find an overview of the mentoring system here.

When to ask for support at tavolleti.oktatas@ppk.elte.hu e-mail address?

If your question is not answered within the mentor group, you can contact the Institutional Coordinators in charge of distance education, or you can contact the members of Distance Education Support Task Force on the following e-mail address: tavolleti.oktatas@ppk.elte.hu . If you have any questions regarding technical conditions, (e.g. if you do not have adequate internet access or a laptop/desktop to complete online education) you can contact  tavolleti.oktatas@ppk.elte.hu. Due to the finality of the IT sources, please select this solution only if you do not otherwise have a suitable laptop or PC.