The repository is a document server used by universities and research institutes to archive scientific material and make it available worldwide free of charge.

The Institutional Knowledge of Eötvös Loránd University is the repository and archive of the documents created at the university.

Bibliographic data from scientific publications already included in the MTMT can be transferred to EDIT with a few clicks. With a single entry, you can include items in the bibliographic database (MTMT) and give full-text access to EDIT.

In EDIT, each document is assigned a unique Handle ID that can be used as a reference. This unique identifier (so-called URI “Universal Resource Identifier” address) allows constant access even after the document has been relocated.

General information:

The professional management of the operation of EDIT is provided by the University Library. Central information and administration: Judit Fejes and  Tibor Móring (editadmin@lib.elte.hu)

ELTE PPK administration by Klára Horváth.

Out - of - university repositories

There are many institutional and scientific repositories around the world. Open access repositories are collected in several registers: openDOAR and ROAR. Repository placement requirements can be registered on the ROARMAP interface.

Common search interfaces for repositories

OAI - common search interface for Hungarian repositories


MeIND (in german language)