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The method of registration and the certification of special needs

Students must register and indicate their requirement for a given form of the assistance. Students must register at the disability coordinator of the faculty, Katalin Solymosi.

Registration is possible in any time but advisable in the beginning of the academic year. Students who want to validate their right to use this assistance already in the first semester must register by the coordinator a few days after the enrollment but the latest two days before the end of the ranking course registration week. Otherwise they can validate this right only in the next semester. For the exact date of registration during the enrollment days please go to the homepage http://ppk.elte.hu/eselyegyenloseg/, than to submenu, Actual news. You will find the time table of the coordinator as well.
For the registration students must present the medical certificate on their special needs and the completed registration form.

To certify special needs in case of foreign students is possible only with the original medical certificate issued by the foreign institute and – if it is not written in English – with its authenticated translation in English or in Hungarian. In special cases the faculty coordinator asks for the opinion of the competent institute of Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education and in justified cases may apply for personal investigation to take a decision.
In any case the certificate must include the name of the disability or the disease (BNO code), its degree of seriousness or the level - permanent or temporary - of the health related harm. If the medical certificate prescribes review date, after the validation of the certificate expired, it needs to be submitted a new certificate.