Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
We would like to inform our readers that the FAQ section will not be updated from June 2020.

For Students

When do we have the spring break in the spring semester? NEW!

This semester’s spring break was moved to earlier dates due to the emergency, so there will be tuition at the original time of the spring break, except Good Friday ( 10 April) and Easter (12-13 April). So, contrary to what was previously planned, there will be tuition on 8, 9 and 14 April as well.

What if I cannot attend the class due to technical issues? (E.g. There is no internet connection or there is power shutdown) 

If a student is unable to attend a class or part of a part of the class due to an unexpected technical error or obstacle they must immediately inform the lecturer so that they can agree on another way of complete completion of that class. If a technical obstacle is known in advance (e.g. a power shutdown due to announced maintenance), please notify your teacher in advance, also in the case, the obstacle is persistent. In these cases, the solution is to arrange the completion of that certain class or course in another way.

Can I record the online class to watch it again later? 

Recording classes with students’ simultaneous presence (e.g. webinar using MS Teams, Skype or Zoom) is only possible with the consent of all participants (lecturer and students). However, it is not recommended as it may violate privacy and documentation of contributions might be problematic. Students are reminded that sharing study-related recordings involving other people may violate their privacy rights.

I can see that I will not be able to carry out my tasks as I had planned. What should I do?  

Now almost the whole world is facing this problem and a variety of individual difficulties may also arise. We recommend that you do your best to keep up with your studies based on instructions from your teachers, in the meantime, the faculty and the university leadership are working to create the conditions for completing courses in the new situation. Inform your instructors of the difficulties that you face so that they become aware of the specific problems. If you need additional personal life support, we recommend that you read the articles in the TIPS FOR COPING WITH STRESS AND ANXIETY DURING THE COVID-19 EPIDEMIC section on our website or use the services of the ELTE PPK Counselling Centre, which you can find here.

Are there any rules regarding who can do what on an online lesson? 

The recommendations of the educational netiquette are summarized in a handbook for teachers prepared at ELTE PPK. It is important that the rules on the protection of personal data also apply in the online space so audio and video recordings can only be made with the consent of the participants. Except for trainings, students with special needs may, without permission, record the material of their sessions in a way that is justified by their disability (Sections 63/6 /, 409 in the Rules and Regulations of the University). For online group chats and lessons, we recommend that those who do not speak mute their microphones or it can also improve the sound quality if the camera is only used when you really need it.

How can I get information on how my classes will go on? 

During the first week after the spring break, each lecturer will inform their students about how the course will continue during the distance education.

What about the exams? 

If distance education is extended to the exam period, exams will be organized according to the unique interim Regulations of Training and Examination (TVSZ), which became effective on 23 March 2020, by ELTE. The regulations are available on the ELTE website.

What about the graduates? Is obtaining a diploma at risk?

Graduate students are treated with high priority, and we make every effort to ensure that their diploma is not jeopardized by the extraordinary situation. Approximately 95% of our courses for the entire faculty will surely be covered by distance education. However, we are still working on some of the remaining courses and looking for solutions. For graduate students, except for traineeships, to our present knowledge, there is no last semester 'endangered' course. In the case of not yet clarified traineeships, we regularly and individually consult with the host institutions to find distance solutions. If a graduate student still receives information that their course cannot be completed online, please contact the Head of Institute immediately.

How can I submit my thesis? 

The thesis is expected to be submitted in the Neptun study system. The university will issue a central provision on this soon. The deadline for thesis submission is not affected by this change.

How long does the early spring break last?

There is an early spring break between 16-22 March 2020, tuition starts on 23 March, in the form of distance education. Tuition will take place at the initially planned spring break (apart from Easter).

May I enter the buildings of PPK after the break?

No, students will not be allowed to enter the campus either during or after the break due to the epidemiological situation as long as opposite measures are taken, and classes will be held in distance education. The prohibition applies not only to classrooms but also to public spaces and libraries.

What does distance education mean?

The working frame of distance education is currently being elaborated, and support material for faculty lecturers is available on the Faculty’s website at Also, lecturers’ task force groups have been set up to elaborate on the implementation of each study programmes and classes. We will provide precise information on the tasks of students soon. Please keep checking your messages coming in Neptun!

Are my classes cancelled?

We do our best to provide our students with continuing their studies as smoothly as possible in the new situation. Most of the classes will be held in an IT-supported format, but training elements that require a personal presence will only be partially realized. More information on these will be provided later.

Can I use the library of the Faculty?

The libraries at ELTE, including the library of the Faculty, cannot be visited in person. However, online library services can be accessed remotely (including from home) with an ELTE IIG ID. For details on how to connect and the books and databases available online, please, see the website of the Faculty’s library.

What about my overdue borrowed items?

ELTE libraries, including the library of the Faculty, have automatically extended the deadline of the borrowed items, so no one has an expired book now. If needed, there will be an automatic extension again.

I should visit the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office. What shall I do?

At the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office, only personal office hours is ceased from 12 March 2020, the administration is ongoing. We suggest that you should write your request or question via email, student requests can be submitted via email. If you would like to reach the Office by phone, you can do so between 10 am and 3 pm on weekdays, contact information can be found here:

? What about the fieldwork practice and the teaching practice?

Students are not allowed to continue their fieldwork practice in their original framework, but we are exploring the possibility of still completing it. Only two students take part in the teaching practice organized by PPK, and we agree with them how to complete the practice. The teaching practice for the Teacher Training students is organized by the Teacher Training Centre in Budapest and the Savaria Regional Pedagogical Service and Research Centre in Szombathely, please, contact them for further details.

Fieldwork practice at an outside location, community practice, clinical practice and field work will also be on the list as long as the necessary decisions are made, we will expand the information.

I am planning to apply for the PhD programme, will there be applicants-open days organised?

Previously announced doctoral school information events at ELTE PPK buildings are cancelled. The Doctoral School of Psychology is hosting an open day online on 24 March 2020 from 4:00 pm. You can still find information about the Doctoral School of Education on the website. Please, note that the application deadline has not changed!


For lecturers, colleagues

Can I enter my workplace? Do I have to enter my workplace?

Relevant information for the staff can be found at ELTE’s website:

Lecturer-researcher colleagues are asked not to visit the faculty buildings. Please, prepare for distance education at home and if possible, conduct it from there. Similarly, research should be done from home as well. Visit faculty buildings only when it is essential and for the shortest time possible, conducting telephone and online communication only.

The Offices of PPK (the Dean’s Office, the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office, and the Financial Department) are continuously operating, supporting the Faculty's educational-research and third mission activities. Most of our staff work remotely, and we provide on-call services in the buildings.

The faculty buildings are closed earlier: the Kazinczy Street building is open from Monday to Friday till 5 pm, the Izabella Street building is open from Monday to Thursday till 5 pm and on Friday till 2 pm. The Bogdánfy Street building is closed.

Who can enter the buildings?

To reduce the risk of infection, ELTE restricts the entry of persons other than staff, so food delivery and parcel service staff are not allowed to enter. We ask our entering colleagues to take care of their meal in another way during the day.

What does distance education mean?

For information about the forms of distance education, please check out the methodological guide published by ELTE PPK: