Late registration for the final exam in the spring semester of the academic year 2022/2023

Late registration for the final exam in the spring semester of the academic year 2022/2023

Dear Student,

please be informed that, applying to the final exam (including those participating in special postgraduate programme) was possible until 20 March 2023 in the Neptun system. Those students who missed the deadline but would like to finish their studies in the spring semester of the academic year 2022/2023 have the possibility to submit a late application request to the Academic Committee of the Faculty. The request shall be submitted in Neptun. The later the request is sent, the less likely it is that the Academic Committee grants your request.

The decision of the late application requests will be made by the Academic Committee. In case the request gets accepted by the committee, the student has to pay a 3500 HUF late fee for missing an administrative deadline. The payment obligation will be registered in the Neptun system by the Registrar's Office after the meeting of the Academic Committee.

The process of late registration for the final exam

You can apply for the final exam in Neptun. After logging in to the student interface, you can find the form under the Administration tab’s Requests option. You have to select Available request forms tab and click on the name of the request. Your personal particulars will be filled out by the system, You only need to fill in the details of the exam correctly and appropriately. Furthermore, you must state your reasons for not having applied until the deadline in the Notes field. You may check the final version of the application form any time after clicking on the Submitted requests tab. You can print and/or save the pdf for your own use. You can also check the status of your submitted request there. After submitting the request, the status will automatically be set to Being processed. The status of the request will change to Approved after the expiry of the deadline of submitting the late registration.

• The late application form can only be submitted in Neptun until the end of the date of validity of the request form.

• The filling in of the application form cannot be suspended or interrupted, so once you open it, you can choose from the following options: (1) you can finish and submit the application by clicking on the Submit request button on the bottom of the page, OR (2) if you do not want to submit the request, you can delete the data that you entered by clicking on the Back button; you can also restart filling in the request if needed.

• Submitted requests cannot be modified!

 • The status of the submitted application form as Approved is only a confirmation that the application form was received. The Academic Committee will make a decision later, and the student will receive the decision in Neptun under the Official notes tab.


Conditions for taking the final exam

Based on Section 81 (7) of the Academic Regulations for Students, only those students can take the final exam who
a) have received their final certificate (absolutorium),
b) do not have any debt towards the University in terms of tuition fees, possible damages, and other payments, and who have returned items of the University’s property [including library books],
c) submitted their thesis on time.

Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office
Faculty of Education and Psychology