Identifying evidence-based methods to effectively combat discrimination of the Roma in the changing political climate of Europe



  • Identify the effects of political discourse on antigypsyism, and on negative and positive forms of collective action
  • Evaluate and improve anti-discrimination interventions in terms of how they reduce prejudice, and influence collective action for and against the Roma 


  • Public opinion surveys from representative samples in 5 countries (RO, HU, SK, IRE, FR) to measure the relationships between political discourse, antigypsism and collective action intentions
  • Content analysis of dominant political discourse regarding the Roma 
  • Systematic evaluation of anti-discrimination policy and interventions
  • Lab experiments about the influence of social norms on collective action
  • Focus group discussions with stakeholders (Roma representatives, local, national, and EU officials, NGOs)
  • Establish a sounding forum to advise and evaluate project