PPK is at the lead of the world in the field of psychology and educational sciences

PPK is at the lead of the world in the field of psychology and educational sciences
In psychology, ELTE PPK was ranked 176-200 in the Times Higher Education 2023 ranking, improving one category from last year. As for education science, it was the only Hungarian institution ranked in the 401-500 category.

Each autumn, Times Higher Education publishes its annual rankings of the world’s best universities in their fields. On 25 October, the organization published its 2023 rankings of the world’s higher education institutions in 11 fields. The rankings are based on the same database and methodology as the World University Rankings (WUR), except that they are weighted according to the specificities of the field. A detailed description of the methodology in English can be found on THE website by clicking on the icon of the specific field.

Eötvös Loránd University was the best in Psychology out of the 11 fields surveyed, improving one category from last year to 176-200. This also makes it the best in the regional competition, beating its competitors in the post-Soviet region. In education, it is the only Hungarian institution to be ranked in the international ranking 401-500. ELTE is also the best Hungarian higher education institution in humanities, life sciences and law.

ELTE is ranked in the 201–250 category in law and the 401–500 category in humanities, living natural sciences and inanimate natural sciences. Our university is ranked 601-800 in social sciences and 801+ in computer sciences. In Hungary, ELTE is thus the best university in psychology, humanities, law, inanimate natural sciences and education. In addition, ELTE is the only Hungarian university on the list in law and education.

Regarding international trends, US and UK universities dominate the top 10 in most fields, although the US has lost its lead in areas such as health and business. According to the Times Higher Education report, this year, China entered the top 10 for the first time in economics (Tsinghua University). In computer science, the Technical University of Munich improved four places and became 10th on last year’s result. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in engineering and life sciences.

Note: The THE 2023 rankings are available on the organization’s website, broken down by sector and country.