Semester opening news

Semester opening news

During the summer closure, we organized and expanded the stock of both our reading rooms.

The collection became more transparent and easier to browse and more up to date due to acquisition of new publications. Selected books can be taken free of charge for students, both in IZU and KAZY. The newly purchased books are not immediately placed in the warehouse upon purchase in the circulation room of KAZY, but you can freely choose from them when you come in. The descriptions of the publications will be added to the new books menu item on the Library's website.

The content of the Library's website is constantly updated. The Hungarian and English pages are expanding in parallel with each other and await those interested. We also display our current news on the Neptun news page. And we are also constantly expanding the library's blog.

We held a library presentation and commemorative photo shoot in the reading room of KAZY for the new enrollees of the PPK during the enrollment week under the title "Get into the picture in the library". Those who missed the opportunity or are not new registrants, but would like to have a commemorative PPK photo taken, can do so in the KAZY reading room during opening hours.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone in the new semester!