The New ROI

The New ROI

Dave Bookbinder: The New ROI: Return on Individuals
(Mount Laurel : Limelight Publishing, 2017. - 214 p.)

Do you know who your rock star employees are?

  •     Want to improve employee engagement and morale?
  •     Do you know the real cost of toxic employees to your bottom line profitability?
  •     Why do some teams succeed while others fail… even within the same organization?
  •     What is the impact of human capital in mergers and acquisitions?
  •     How high is your cost of turnover and what can you do to reduce it?

Author, Dave Bookbinder, along with over 20 collaborators – all highly regarded in their respective fields – cover these topics and answer these questions in an effort to quantify the human capital value. But it goes much deeper than simply trying to place an actual number on employees.

Nothing gets done in any organization without people, and improving the productivity of every employee at every level is the key to boosting profitability, and as you’ll learn, at the same time boosting employee morale. Higher morale generates even greater productivity which, in turn, improves your bottom line. It’s an upward spiral that you’ll want to harness.


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