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Complex Exam

Complex Exam

Complex exam procedure

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Declaration of the PhD student’s admittance to the complex exam

Declaration.docx For students enrolled before 2023

Declaration - For students enrolled in and after 2023

Research Plan

The Content of the Research Plan

Evaluation of the Research Plan

The Content And Procedings Of The Complex Exam Conducted In The Doctoral School Of Education


Dear Students,

At the end of the 4th active semester students shall be required to finish the Training and Research Phase by completing a Complex (Comprehensive) Examination. The Complex Exam is aimed to measure and assess progress made in study and research, the completion and it is a condition for the commencement of the Research and Dissertation Phase.

The Complex Exam has two prerequisites:

  1. Students need to complete the required modules, which means a total of 84 academic credits until the end of the 4th active semester. If 2023/20244 II. semester is your fourth active semester, please check if there are any academic courses missing but necessary to obtain for fulfilling the required modules.
  2. You need to acquire additional 24 research credits until the end of the 4th active semester.

You can check the completed academic and research credits in Neptun at the 'Studies'/'Gradebook' by selecting 'All Terms'. On the following link you find the Curriculum of the Doctoral School of Education, please, check the subject requirements:

You need to register for the Complex Exam in Neptun during the Course Registration Period with the code DEDU16-X from Monday, February 12, 2024, 17:00, to Thursday, February 22, 2024, 16:00. Please make sure to register for the comprehensive exam in Neptun by the end of the course registration period.

Registration for the comprehensive exam is also done through Neptun using a request form. Students will receive notification and must upload the mandatory documents to Neptun by March 31, 2024:

  • Completion of the application form (Neptun > Administration/Requests)
  • Research and work plan for the next 4 semesters (research and dissertation phase)
  • Declaration and Assessment of the Supervisor(s). IMPORTANT! For students enrolled in 2023 or later, having at least one accepted scientific publication is a requirement, as specified in Section 32(1) of the ELTE Faculty of Education and Psychology Doctoral Regulations. Please use the appropriate template for the supervisor's statement!

For detailed information on the requirements for the comprehensive exam and the format of the documents to be uploaded, please visit: The comprehensive exam is governed by Sections 48-55 of the University Doctoral Regulations and Section 29 of the Faculty’s Doctoral Regulations.

We recommend that you run your research plan through the Turnitin plagiarism detection software and attach the report to your application. This step is not yet mandatory this semester, but highly recommended. From the next semester onwards, submitting a plagiarism check report will be a condition for submitting a research plan.

You can find a guide to using Turnitin at the following link:

The purpose of plagiarism detection is to ensure the originality of research plans and the high quality of scientific work. If you have any questions regarding plagiarism detection you can contact the Turnitin administrator of the faculty, Dora Belme ( Regarding professional questions, the head of the programme and your supervisor(s) can help you.

The comprehensive exam will take place during the examination period (May 21, 2024, to July 06, 2024), and the exact timing will be communicated at least 21 days in advance by the Registrar’s Office in Neptun.

The comprehensive exam is composed of two parts:

  • the theoretical part assesses the examinee’s up-to-date theoretical and methodological knowledge together with his/her expertise in the literature of the relevant discipline, and
  • in the dissertation part the examinee demonstrates his/her academic progress.

Like the practice of previous years, students also need to submit the first draft of their research plan by 29th of February 2024 at Qualtrics. It will be accessible on a protected online user interface for the other doctoral students and the supervisors of the Doctoral School to receive feedback. Please note that by sending the first draft of your research plan you automatically agree on its publication within the ELTE PPK doctoral community. The final version must be submitted by March 31, 2024, as mentioned above.

Two opponents will review the final research plan before the exam, and their opinions will be made available to you.

You can find the guidelines of the Registrar’s Office here.

If you have any further questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Secretariat of the Doctoral Schools