Research Ethics Committee – Requests


Attention: applications submitted before June 15, 2024, will be evaluated before the summer holiday. The evaluation process of applications submitted after June 15, will resume in September, 2024.

The Research Ethics Committee (REC) can provide a research ethics permission only to those who are public servants (or employed as emeritus professor) of the ELTE FEP and have a scientific qualification (PhD, CSc, DSc).

The application forms should be submitted electronically only by the Principal Investigator (AND BY HIM/HER ONLY) addressed to the Chairperson of the REC (Dr. Attila Rausch) using the following e-mail address : in WORD format. Please see the detailed process and important formal aspects at the bottom of the page. 

Applications are evaluated successively and continuously with a lead time of approx. 2-4 weeks. This should be taken into account with respect to the timing of the planned research activities. The REC does not issue posteriorly research ethical license on research that had been started prior the submission of the research ethical application.

Following the completion of the research a short (8-10 sentences) summary is to be prepared by the research team for the REC which it may require in certain cases.

The regular meeting of the REC takes place on the last Friday of each month. Among other issues on these meetings applications that require special additional considerations are discussed.


  • Please use ALWAYS the recent actualized form, downloaded from the website.
  • One particular e-mail should include one application only. The file name and the topic of the letter should be identical so that during the evaluation the content of the letter end its enclosure(s) can be easily identified.

The name of the application file should be informative

(for example: “Ethical Application_Name of Applicant_Name of Participant(s) or “Ethical application_Name of Applicant_Short description of_Research”)

It is important that it should indicate the actual content and it should be distinguishable from other applications of the same applicant.

  • Please indicate clearly on the first page of the application from the workplace of the Principal Investigator (Faculty/Institute/Department).
  • On the first page please indicate also the names of all participants in the research (including PhD students)
  • Please include in the Application the Informed Consent and Research Description and also the questionnaires and interview sketches
  • If personal data are also collected please attach in a separate file the “Permission to data processing” document

Labelling of the file: “Permission to data processing_Name of Applicant_name of Participant” or: “Permission to data processing_Name of Applicant_Short description of Research”

  • In case the Application is returned to the Applicant please use always the same file name adding the “to be corrected” or “corrected” notification so that objections and corrections can be easily tracked.
  • Remarks, corrections and supplements of the Applicant should be made clear by using a different color font (preferably blue, since objections are shown with red). DO NOT use the correction mode of the word processor. Do not erase the objections phrased by the REC!
  • Applicants are notified by e-mail about the reviewer’s comments and also about the approval of the application.
  • Following the notification on the approval of the application the printed, signed and stamped permission will be sent to the Applicant.
  • If there is a change in the research that had been approved earlier this needs to be approved again by requesting a modification of approval. In order to do this, in the application submitted for this reason the request for modification needs to be shown with the title of the research. Furthermore, the number of the earlier approval has to be shown with the title of the research and all changes (participants, timing of the research, new questionnaires, new subject group, etc.) have to be clearly indicated by using a different color font. All regulations and rules concerning the original application apply to the modified version as well.

Downloadable forms