Credit Transfer Committee

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The Credit Transfer Committee is one of the constantly operating committees of the Faculty of Education and Psychology consisting of six teachers and one student. According to the Academic Regulations for Students (ARS) the committee have the right to make decision in credit transfer cases connected to the courses, programmes of the Faculty.
It has two main scope of activity:
    a) degree recognition during the application procedure if the applicants may choose the given programme with conditions (the application is possible with various degrees but there are minimum credits to fulfil in certain fields of study),
    b) credit transfer for students connected to their curriculum.

Rules of credit transfer

According to the regulations of the Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education credits shall not be awarded for a given course more than once. Based on the course descriptions of the course specified in the current curriculum and the previously obtained one, credits shall be recognised if there is a seventy-five percent or further match between the learning outcomes compared.

The students may submit their requests using a form available on the webpage of the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office and has obligatory attachments connected to the previously obtained course:
    a) transcript of records containing the data of the course (credit, type of mark, mark) certified by the issuing institute, and
    b) syllabus / course description also certified by the issuing institute.

If the student wants to recognise the credit as optional (not as a course specified in the curriculum), or the student obtained the course previously at ELTE connected to an other programme b) is not needed. Please note that requests including missing attachments are rejected automatically.

The committee has one meeting in a semester, and it gives a deadline for the meeting for the students to have their requests submitted to the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office. The students may submit their requests during their studies independently of the course’s recommended semester. To avoid any inconveniences caused by the prerequisites specified in the curriculum it is advised to ask for the credit transfer at the beginning of the studies.

Meeting of the Credit Transfer Committee in the autumn semester of the academic year 2023/2024

Deadline for issuing requests for the meeting: 15th September 2023.
Date of the meeting: 09th October 2023.