Student administration - Final exam, degree certificate

Students must compose a separate thesis for each of their programmes, which is included in the final examination. Before submitting the thesis, the student must announce its title, except in the case of the portfolio on the psychology BA programme, where the title announcement is not needed.
About the type and requirements of the thesis and the deadlines of title announcement and submission of the thesis in a given semester you can find further information on the pages of the given programme.

Final exam application
The application for the final examination (defense) is possible only in the Neptun system. The application form appears in the Neptun - formally as a request - in the section Administration > Requests > Available request forms. Further details can be found among the Student news in each semester.
According to Section 81. (7) of the Academic Regulations for Students those students can take the final exam, who:
a) obtained their pre-degree certificate (absolutorium),
b) do not have any outstanding debts towards the University in terms of tuition fees and other payments, have returned items of the University's property,
c) and submitted their thesis on time.

Final exam schedule
About the schedule of the final examinations you can find information among the Student news in every semester.

Those students who successfully took the final examination in the given semester can get a temporary certificate about the entitlement of the degree if a comfirmation is needed about this fact before the graduation ceremony. The document includes the following data: date of the final examination, grade of the diploma, grade, credit value and title of the Thesis-work.

Degree certificate, graduation ceremony
About the graduation ceremony of the given semester you can find information among the Student news.