Relation between Shadow and Public Education Research Group

So far, systematic research on shadow education has not started in Hungary. The research group is to examine this phenomenon in the context of public education. Our research foca are: types of shadow education in Hungary; characteristics of the ndustrialization of shadow eucation in Hungary; prevalence and position of shadow education among other types of extracurricular education; sociodemographic characteristics of cunsomers, family expenditure, issues of inequality; shadow education and students' timetable; shadow education and the development of learning quality of gifted and low-achieving students; shadow education and social justice; shadow education in the context of learning to teach, teacher education and professional development of teachers; shadow education in the context of educational innovations and educational policy. We plan to build East Asian and European research collaborations. IIPE and IE staff are involved in the start of the research group. We plan to invite additional faculty, university and extra-university researchers (ELTE PPK Adult Education Research and Knowledge Management Institute, institutes of ELTE's other faculties, ELKH, etc.) with a gradual expansion in the future, in line with the professional development of the research group. We also invite Hungarian and international MA and PhD students working on the topic to join the research group.


János Győri Head Of Research Group, Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-4500 / 3895
Room: 430


Fanni Anna Bede Research Group Member, PhD Student
Ágnes Pataki Research Group Member, PhD Student
Yutong Wu Research Group Member, PhD Student
Pu Yu Research Group Member, PhD Student
Mónika Besenyei External Member
Gabriella Hegedűs External Member