Human Electrophysiology Research Group

The goal of our group is to study higher brain functions with the use of EEG. Our research concerns the role of gamma and other oscillations in visual perception and spatial information processing in the adult brain. More specifically, we focus on the phase relationship between these intrinsic oscillations relative to the input from the outside world to understand how the information is encoded in the brain. By leveraging this knowledge, I hope to apply those principles to clinical treatments and brain-computer interface to heal and augment human performance. At the same time, we educate a new generation of professionals who will adopt this technology in new areas we don't even anticipate.

Lecturers, researchers

Dr. Zoltán Nádasdy Habil. Associate Professor
Phone/ext.: +(36-1) 461-2600 / 5649
Room: 510


Kamilla Meláth Research Group Member, Student
Adrienn Németh Research Group Member, PhD Student
Jan Bregant External Member
Hanga Domán External Member