Mental Well-being and Health Psychology in Higher Education Research Group

The goal of our research group is to assess, monitor, and improve the mental and physical health, health status, and health awareness of university citizens, including Hungarian and foreign students, faculty members, and administrative staff. We also prioritize evaluating the effectiveness of existing supportive services and interventions (e.g. psychological counseling). Based on the data we collect, we aim to make recommendations for preventive and health-promoting strategies, and to develop action plans for implementation at various levels and areas of university life, such as organizational culture, service portfolio (including the development of supportive services and interventions), and teaching organization. Overall, through our research, we aim to contribute to the creation of a healthy organizational environment at both individual and institutional levels, which in turn contributes to the creation of a healthy society. We aim to improve the quality of life of Hungarian citizens at both the micro and macro levels. 


Orsolya Karner Head Of Research Group, Counselling Psychologist, Senior Lecturer
Phone/ext.: + (36-30) 665-4556
Room: C114


Enikő Csikai Research Group Member
Márta Kiss Research Group Member
Dominika Matavovszky Research Group Member, PhD Student