Visiting student incoming application

Visiting student incoming application


Be a visiting student at ELTE

Register for courses offered by our faculty.

Pay tuition fee by the credit.

Get an official Transcript of Records at the end of the semester.

This is what being a visitor student means. If you get accepted you can start your studies in the semester you have applied for. In the first couple of weeks you have time to create your schedule then we make an Adult Education Agreement to be signed by you and ELTE. In this agreement we will include the amount of tuition fee you need to pay for the semester.

How much do I pay?

  • The tuition fee is based on the number of credits one intends to gain and it depends on the program the chosen courses belong to. The rate of 1 ECTS is calculated from the total amount of tuition fee for each program in the following way:


Psychology BA

  • tuition fee for degree students: 4200€/semester
  • period of the complete program: 6 semesters
  • total ECTS to be completed: 180
  • 1 ECTS = (4200x6)/180 = 140€


Tuition fee for each program calculated this way:

Psychology BA: 140€ / 1 ECTS

Psychology MA: 140€ / 1 ECTS

Human Resource Counselling MA: 63€ / 1 ECTS

Social Integration MA: 97€ / 1 ECTS

Educational Science MA: 97€ / 1 ECTS

Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience MSc: 43€ / 1 ECTS


What course can I take?

  • Please click here for the COURSE LIST offered for guest students. The list is updated in April for the autumn semester and in October for the spring semester.
  • BA level courses are open for everybody, however, MA level is only open for students who are currently studying in a Master program.
  • There is no lower or upper limit of how many credits you need to/can take.
  • If you take courses from other faculties, you need to make an agreement with them.
  • There is no extra fee for taking exams.
  • Sport courses might have extra fee which you need to pay during the semester.


What happens when I complete the courses?

When all of the grades you have received are recorded in our online administrative system (Neptun) the faculty’s mobility coordinator will make your official Transcript of Records. This document will be handed/sent to you if you have no debt towards ELTE.


General application:

To get registered at ELTE you must send the following documents to :

  • application form
  • a list of courses you intend to take (please note that you need at least B2 level of English knowledge to complete courses in English at ELTE)



  • 30th of May (for autumn semester)
  • 30th of November (for spring semester)


Application form:

  • First you need to fill out the application form.
  • Please select ‘Exchange Programme/Guest Student’.
  • You can find the application form here.


Course list:

  • Take a look at our course list. These are the only courses offered for exchange students.
  • Make a list of the courses you are interested in.
  • Send the list to .



The Housing Office can help you find a flat or students’ residence in Budapest. For further information visit their website.


Hungarian language course:

Our institution offers Hungarian language and culture courses in both the autumn and spring semesters. There are courses for all levels from complete beginners (A1) to proficient level (C2). If you are interested please click here.


Did we forget anything?

If you have not found the information you have been looking for, also check ELTE’s main website.

Please make sure that you searched thoroughly for the information you need. If you still cannot find it please write to .

Thank you.