General rules of use

General rules of library use:

Registration is required to use ELTE PPK Libraries. Anyone over the age of 14 who accepts the rules of library usage as binding on themselves can be a member.

Registration is done in person, by filling in and signing the entry form at the circulation desk, during the opening hours of the circulation room.

It is also possible to enroll remotely, but only for ELTE citizens.

Documents required for library enrollment:

· For university citizens: identity card (or residence permit, passport) and student card valid for the current semester (school attendance certificate - until there’s no valid student card), Neptune code.

· For all other readers, identity card (or residence permit, passport)

Data register:

Data provided during enrollment is handled by the 2016/679 regulation (27th April 2016) of the European Parliament and Council (EU). It is about the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

For more information on data management in EKSZ Libraries.

The library keeps record of the reader's data on computer and uses it exclusively for internal purposes of the library!

Registration process:

Upon personal enrollment, the applicant has to fill in the enrollment form and has to undersign the conditions of library use and data management. You can find information about the conditions on the website of the ELTE PPK Library, and you will also receive a brief verbal information and an information sheet on library use when you enroll.

Online enrollment is currently available via the webapp. Orientation on the surface is aided by FAQs.

After logging in, the ELTE PPK Library must be selected for member library registration.

Email received upon successful registration requires confirmation of the email address.

Thereafter, within one work day, the librarians approve the library membership of the ELTE citizen with legal status.

Registration into the library is free for both ELTE citizens and external users.

Renewal and extension of library membership:

All registered readers of the ELTE PPK Library must renew their library membership every academic year, which they can do at the circulation desk during the opening hours of the Circulation room. There you can also report changes in your personal data during the school year.

ELTE citizens can also renew their membership via the webapp.