Reading Rooms

Reading Rooms

Reading Rooms

Use of Reading Rooms:

The use of the reading room is free of charge for all registered readers. Upon entry, please present a reader's card or student ID confirming the validity of your library enrollment.

  • In Kazinczy Street Library, the reading room has a free shelf layout, the books placed in the reading room can only be used locally. Please place unused books taken off the shelf on the book trolley.
  • In Izabella Street Library, documents that can only be used locally can be requested from librarians. After use, please return the book to the librarian.

Rules of the Reading Rooms:

  • The silence should not be disturbed by loud conversation, meals or by the use of mobile phones.
  • The use of skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, scooters, and all other sports equipment that endangers the physical safety of readers is prohibited, and it is not allowed to be in the library area.
  • Coats and bags may only be brought into the reading room of the Kazinczy Street Library in the area specially designated for quick administration. In all other cases, the use of the building's cloakroom is mandatory.
  • Coats and bags cannot be brought into the Izabella Street reading room at all, they must not be left unattended in the area of ​​the library. Personal belongings should be placed in lockers in the downstairs hallway, for which a key can be requested from the reception.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages can be brought in a closed bottle, prior presentation to the librarian on duty is mandatory.
  • Readers can freely use their own laptops in both library units. The inspection of the laptop bag can be initiated by the librarian at any time for stock protection reasons.
  • If the anti-theft gate is signaled, the reader can be submitted to an investigation to clarify the cause of the signal.


About the use of

available in the reading room librarians provide information.

Photocopying is done exclusively by the reader in a self-service system. Digital copying and printing is only possible with the help of a librarian.

Both library units are equipped to serve ELTE citizens with special needs

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