The best choose PPK!

The best choose PPK!
ELTE PPK provides the best training in the fields of humanities and sports sciences according to the National Higher Education Ranking of the Figyelő.

Among the humanities programmes, the bachelor programme of psychology at ELTE PPK attracts the most first-place applicants, but we are also proud that the PPK coaching programme provides the best training nationwide according to the Figyelő's ranking. The rankings of Hungarian universities by field of study are compiled by the editors every year on the basis of the data of the Education Office.

In the field of humanities training, ELTE PPK ranks first in the country, ahead of ELTE BTK, SZTE BTK and PTE-BTK that are in third and fourth place. The most popular bachelor programmes in humanities nationwide are psychology, English studies and community organization, two of which are also included in the  offer of our faculty at our training locations in Budapest and Szombathely. 

ELTE PPK also maintains the national list of the Figyelő in the field of sports science trainings, ahead of such traditional institutions in the field as the University of Physical Education or the University of Debrecen.