Research Ethics Committee

Research Ethics Committee


Research Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee (REC) evaluates ethical aspects of research activity carried out at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of ELTE and issues ethical research licences (permissions).

The number of members of the REC is regulated by the Organizational and Operational Regulations of the Faculty. The members represent different fields of psychology and education.

Basic principles related to scientific activities and publication and their ethical licensing are summarized in direction 2/2015 (II.25) issued by the Dean. Accordingly, all types of research activities that are concerned with analyses of data obtained from a human individual or individuals and which are not related to medical issues may only be performed if research ethical approvement had been issued for it by the REC.

If the planned research may have medical aspects the application should be submitted to the Regional Institutional Scientific Research Ethics Committee of Semmelweis University (TUKEB).

The REC issues ethical licences only to teachers and researchers who are employed by ELTE PPK as public servants or as emeritus professors The REC does not handle posteriorly research ethical submissions corresponding to grants that had been accepted and funded earlier.

Information concerning the means of submission can be obtained under the heading ”Submission of applications”.

Basic Principles related to Scientific Activities and Publication and Prevailing Provisions:

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Administrator: Viktória Kandikó

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