Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee has five members. Its Chairman, the two teaching and research members and the two teaching and research alternate members are selected by the Faculty Council. The student member and the alternate student member are delegated by the ELTE PPK Student Union and the doctoral student representation together, while the non-teaching-research and the alternate members are delegated by the Public Employee’s Council. The Committee functions in accordance with the “Ethical Code for the Subjects of Eötvös Loránd University”.


Katalin Varga Chair, Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-2600 / 5681
Room: 128


Dr. Gabriella Baska Member, Associate Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-4500 / 3852
Room: 420
Krisztina Borsfay Member, Assistant Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-4500 / 3492
Room: 429
Dr. Lajos Papp Member
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-4568, + (36-1) 461-4500 / 3832
Room: 113
Dalma Diczkó Student Member, Head of the Student Union
Nóra Anna Lantos Alternate Member, Assistant Professor
Phone/ext.: +36304971494
Room: E3
Prof. Attila Szabo Alternate Member, Professor
Ildikó Szanyi Alternate Member
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-4500 / 3493
Room: 103
Boglárka Drubina Alternate Student Member, PhD Student