Budapest Laboratory of Sleep and Cognition

The aim of the Budapest Laboratory of Sleep and Cognition is to examine human behavior with a special focus on sleep and its role in information processing. In our view, sleep provides an exciting “natural environment” to explore and unravel the neural activity of the brain as well as its more specific functions or dysfunctions. Our research topics extend from basic neurophysiological studies to more complex experiments focusing also on the behavioral level. Our aim is to understand sleep and sleep-related cognitive and affective processes in their entirety integrating multiple (physiological, cognitive and phenomenological) levels of analyses.

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Dr. Péter Simor Head Of Research Group, Assistant Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-4500 / 3567
Room: IZU 109 / DAMI C/315


Zsófia Benkő Research Group Member, PhD Student
Tamás Bogdány Research Group Member, PhD Student
Noémi Báthori External Member
Anna Király External Member

Lecturers, researchers

Richárd Reichardt Junior Research Fellow