Late submission of thesis topics in the autumn semester of the academic year 2023/2024

The deadline of submitting the thesis topic was 8 November 2023. Find the deadlines for submitting the thesis topics here:

If you haven’t submitted the topic announcement until the deadline, you can do a late submission in Neptun

until 16:00PM, 9 December, 2023.

Topic announcements submitted after this date will only be valid for the final exam period after the originally targeted semester.

You can submit the topic announcement in the Studies > Degree thesis / Thesis application menu, where you should choose the button for Thesis application which can be found amongst Actions. In the appearing pop-up window please select the "Utólagos témabejelentés / Late submission - BA/BSc, MA/MSc, szakirányú továbbképzés 2023/24/1" category with the List button. Following this please push the Individual topic button at the bottom on the left side, if it doesn’t show up on your monitor, please scroll down.

After filling out the form properly, you shall proceed with pushing the Next button, and following a thorough check of the filled in data, you can finalize your topic announcement with the Submit request button. Attention! After submitting the request you won’t be able to edit or withdraw it.

You may check your topic announcement in the Thesis application window at the bottom on the left side, with the Applications button.

ATTENTION! Before making the announcement, you should consult with your chosen supervisor!

For late submission of the thesis topic students must pay the relevant administrative fee which is 3500 HUF. You will be notified about this obligation in your Neptun.