Registrar's Administration - Modified office hours in August 2019

Please be informed that the office will be open in the following periods between the 22nd and 29th August 2019:

22 August 2019, Thursday: 13.00–16.00
23 August 2019, Friday: 9.00–12.00
26 August 2019, Monday: 9.00–12.00
27 August 2019, Tuesday: 13.00–16.00

Between the 28th August 2019 (Wednesday) and 4th September 2019 (Wednesday) the office is CLOSED.

From the 5th September 2019 the office will be available during the regular office hours.

When the office is closed you can submit your request or form using the post-box by the door of the office, if you do not need personal assistance in your case.

We appreciate your understanding!

Registrar’s Administration,
Faculty of Education and Psychology, ELTE