Submission of thesis topics in the spring semester of the academic year 2021/2022

Submission of thesis topics in the spring semester of the academic year 2021/2022

The student has to write a thesis to finish his/her studies on all programmes. The thesis topic has to be announced in Neptun before the final exam period by the student, based on the following.

On which programme(s) should or shouldn’t you announce your thesis topic?

You should announce a thesis topic on all programmes, except for those where the obligatory type of the thesis is a portfolio. Therefore in case of the Psychology BA programme there is no announcement needed.

On Psychology MA programme, the thesis has two parts, a research and an applied part. Both need separate thesis topic announcements. This semester the topic announcement for the two parts of the thesis are available concurrently, until 15 October 2021. You have to announce the topic of your research thesis now, if you plan to take the final exam in the autumn semester of the academic year 2022/2023.

Who may be a supervisor?

The supervisor may be a professor or researcher of the University, or it can also be an external lecturer. If the student chooses an external supervisor who does not appear in Neptun (thus cannot be chosen from the cited teachers during the topic announcement), then choosing an „internal” supervisor is also needed. The student chooses his/her topic while consulting his/her supervisor. The supervisor accepts the student’s supervisor invitation via the student’s thesis topic announcement. The topic chosen by the student and his/her supervisor will be accepted in Neptun by the director of the institute in charge of the programme or his/her appointed person.

How to choose a topic?

The institutes offer possible topics every semester, for all programmes on their webpage(s) respectively. The student can choose from these lists, but it is possible to use a different, unique topic that the student chooses consulting his/her supervisor.

IMPORTANT! The topic is not the same as the title of the thesis. It is advised to choose a topic that is a broad explanation of that theoretic, empirical, methodological or innovative theme the student will explain in his/her thesis. If the topic is broad enough, it is not needed to change it in case the thesis and its title focus on a narrow, specific part of that broad topic.

The deadlines of topic announcements


for the final exam in the autumn semester:
for the final exam in the spring semester:
general deadline:



on master programmes (MA, MSc), including the research part of the Pshychology MA thesis (two semesters before the final exam)

15 October

15 May
31 May in the present spring semester of 2021/2022

apart from the general deadline:



Social Integration MA / Intercultural Psychology and Education MA

15 May
31 May in the present spring semester of 2021/2022

15 October

the applied part of the thesis on the Psychology MA programme (research part according to the general deadline, see above)

until the Friday of the second week of the study period

Inviting a supervisor and announcing a thesis topic is not obligatory on the Psychology BA programme, where the thesis is a porfolio.

How does the topic announcement work in Neptun?

In case you are currently studying on multiple programmes, or in case you have already received your absolutorium and finished your studies, you will need to select the programme, on which you desire to submit a thesis topic announcement. To do so you can find your programmes listed in your Neptun  by clicking on Training at the very top on the left side. After this you may proceed to the Studies > Degree thesis / Thesis application menu, where you should choose the button for Thesis application, which can be found amongst Actions. In the appearing pop-up window please select the categories applying to you from the filter named Period with the List button.

The name "Period" actually incorporates those programmes and students in a category, to which the same conditions apply regarding the topic announcement. Therefore particularly the programme, the circle of the supervisors and the deadline of the topic announcement. Thus the following "Periods" can be selected:
  ► Budapest – MA/MSc 2021/22/2

Following this please push the Individual topic button at the bottom on the left side, after which the form titled ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE THESIS TOPIC should open. After filling out the form properly, you shall proceed with pushing the Next button, and following a throughout check of the filled out data you can finalize your topic announcement with the Submit request button.

You may check your topic announcement in the Thesis application window at the bottom on the left side, with the Applications button.

ATTENTION! Before making the announcement, you should consult with your chosen supervisor!