Faculty life essentials

Faculty life essentials

Some necessary information that is essential for starting your academic studies, you can learn about how to set up your university e-mail and systems that we use at ELTE PPK.

Administrative offices

International Office

The International Office works on helping incoming student with issues related to the university requirements and related to their programs. They help the students by answering their inquiries about where to issue legal papers, how to contact professors, what to do in certain cases, etc. The international office also works with the outgoing students. In case you decided to do an exchange, the international office helps you before, during, and after doing the exchange to choose the correct courses and how to transfer credits and so on.  The international office organizes the welcome week for the faculty students,  and they organise events during the semester to raise the awareness about the  available opportunities.


Gréta Kövecses, Exchange Programmes Coordinator

Flóra Iskum, Master Programme & Alumni Coordinator (full time)

Borbála Nagy, BA and PhD Programme Coordinator (full time)

E-mail for exchange students: outgoing@ppk.elte.hu; incoming@ppk.elte.hu

E-mail for full-time students: international.office@ppk.elte.hu


Quaestura Office

Quaestura Office is the third destination that you should visit to complete issuing your administration tasks in order to finalise your legal stay in Hungary.
Quaestura office helps you issuing your Student ID (student card), also it helps you issuing your insurance and your social security card.
Services you can arrange at the Quaestura Office:

  • Student ID card management.
  • Acceptance of Student Loan Contract.
  • Providing the Neptun code/user name and password for students and professors.
  • Posting service: forgotten Neptun password; temporary student certificate; validated plastic student card, certificate of student status.
  • Health insurance management (for third country internationals Generali studium; for Stipendium Hungaricum students Generali health insurance and TAJ card).
  • Providing information regarding Finances.
  • Providing Student Certificate.
  • Correcting personal data in the Neptun system.
  • Transmission of the contracts of the Career Centre of ELTE.
  • Transmission of the Alumni registration form.

You can get your student certificate and Neptun login password only if your data are recorded in the Neptun system.

If you have any concerns regarding your courses or exams, or other problems that are none of the above-mentioned cases, please contact the Registrar's Office.



Erasmus Student Network is a non-profit international student organization. Their mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN ELTE offers free time and cultural activities as well as recreational integration events. They are also in charge of assigning a mentor for international exchange students that need orientation regarding their stay in Budapest at ELTE.

For further information, visit the following websites: https://www.esnelte.hu/ and https://www.facebook.com/esnelte/.

How to set up a wifi?

To set up the internet connection, first, you have to create an account with your Neptun code and password called IIG Account.

How do I create my IIG Account?

  1. Open ugykezelo.elte.hu on your device and click on "Belépés" then click on Neptun icon.
  2. Give your Neptun code and password, click on "Bejelentkezés" and fill out the form;
    "Választott IIG azonosító": choose a username using the lowercase English alphabet, it should have from 3 and 12 characters, exclusively with letters of the English alphabet, numbers, and hyphens. Dots (.) are not allowed. The first character must be a letter, and it cannot contain two hyphens followed by each other.
    "Választott IIG jelszó": choose a password, it can't be the same as the username, it must contain at least 6 characters.
    "Kérem a WiFi azonosító létrehozását is" check-in this box at the bottom of the page and then click on "Igénylés". You will be then redirected to a page that confirms your registration.
  3. You have created your IIG Account! Now connect to "ELTE" Wi-Fi network using your IIG Account username and password.That means you can log in to ELTE Wi-Fi only Remember the log-in info because you will use it later.

Eduroam Wi-Fi

Eduroam is a global Wi-Fi roaming consortium that gives members of education (students, prof, researchers) free internet access on all Eduroam hotspots worldwide. It is important to set up Eduroam because you can use it in many different Universities and Libraries all around the world.

How to install Eduroam Wi-Fi?
  1. Sign in to ELTE guest network or ELTE
  2. Download EduroamCAT application from App store or Google play
  3. Find ELTE university and then follow the instruction
  4. You need to use your IIG Account username and password due to the installation process. In case it did not work just add @elte.hu to your IIG username Example: IIG username@elte.hu.
  5. After installing the Wi-Fi, you will be able to use it in all the institute that they provide Eduroam Wi-Fi. However, this might work only with your mobile phone where you downloaded EduroamCAT application. In case the Wi-Fi did not work on your Laptop, so you just forget it and then log in again to join the server in that certain place.
    If your device requires an EAP TTLS authentication use: anonymous @elte.hu as an external username and then use your IIG Identification data as an internal username.
    For some devices with Linux and Mac OS you need a special WPA_suplicant configuration, in this case please be sure to match the following requirements into your network configuration:

> > Authentication: WPA2 (Enterprise)
>> Encryption: AES
>> EAP Type: EAP-PEAP or EAP-TTLS-MD5 or EAP-TTLS-MSCHAPv2 >> Anonymous identity (external username) : anonymous @elte.hu >> Internal identification: your IIG ID password
>> Authentication ID: Accept >> 'DigiCert Assured ID root CA' certificate use (download if necessary).

What is caesar e-mail address?

Reach your messages from anywhere on our online platform and deal with official issues easier and faster. Your IIG Account gives you access to ELTE Wi-Fi, Installing Eduroam Wi-Fi, and it gives you access to your ELTE E-Mail. You have 2GB of memory.

Use your ELTE caesar e-mail on Caesar's online platform using this format:

Website: https://outlook.live.com
IIG Identification: IIG Username
Password: IIG Password
(Your e-mail address is your IIG Username followed by @caesar.elte.hu)
Ex: IIG username @caesar.elte.hu

Click HERE if you want to learn more about wi-fi, university e-mail and so on.


Canvas is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) that brought a revolutionary change in the method of education. In comparison to Moodle, here the students can be able to link their canvas accounts with their social media accounts.

Getting Started

Please log in on canvas.elte.hu using your Neptun code and password. Personalize your profile and language; you can also personalize a notifications system. Once you have signed up for courses on Neptun, they will appear automatically on your Canvas dashboard.

Those who have used the previous Canvas framework can export their courses content at https://mooc.elte.hu.

By problems or special questions please contact our E-learning personnel: ppk@elearning.elte.hu.

Microsoft Teams

One of the bastions of online education is the group work supporting software called Microsoft Teams, which can be necessary and helpful for lectures and exams.

  1. First of all – in case it is not yet – register an IIG ID on ugykezelo.elte.hu/iig_azonosito website. (see: above instructions)
  2. Login to https://teams.microsoft.com interface with your email address (username@student.elte.hu).