Career Psychology BA

Career opportunities

A behaviour analyst can carry out activities that support the work of a qualified psychologist in organisations and institutions providing education, training, development, re-education, correction, treatment and rehabilitation. Furthermore, a behaviour analyst can also work in any psychological laboratory and complete and evaluate several standard experiments and aptitude tests of organisational psychology. In specific cases, however, the supervision of a qualified psychologist is necessary. A behaviour analyst is trained and prepared to conduct and analyse several experiments egarding human interventions, such as standard or international urvey of competence, adaptivity, attitude or functioning; the demand for such professionals is high in any country of the world. Institutes that already employ a well-trained and qualified psychologist can also claim professionals to work under supervision and deepen their competence this way. Thus, the human resources and financial budgets might get better organized and become more productive whilst remaining cost effective – benefiting both employers and employees.


Job examples

  • Behaviour analyst
  • HR assistant
  • Research assistant