Program Psychology BA

Short description

The goal of this program is to train professionals in the theoretical foundations and basic methods of psychology and also, to give an insight into the applied branches of its disciplines such as possessing skills and techniques that can be used in order to measure, explore and develop individuals, groups or organizations through experiments. Students will obtain an integrated knowledge of education, communication, socialization, learning and human development. It is also aimed to provide modern knowledge and true sense of vocation that support further learning in any psychology MA.

Strength of program

The foreign language qualification of ELTE has a long history stemming from the internationally known workshops and the teachers who are also recognized internationally. The program exists since 1991. During these years the Institute welcomed 50-60 students per year from a wide range of foreign countries. The student to teacher ratio supports a tutorial-like atmosphere which can boost communication and guidance effectiveness among the students and their teachers. Regarding the number of staff and students, the professional preparedness, administrative capacity, and infrastructural conditions of the institute, the Faculty of Education and Psychology at ELTE is the best Institute of Psychology in Hungary.


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