Information on the Thesis Topic Announcement for the applied part of the Psychology MA thesis in the spring semester of the academic year 2020/2021

The topics announcement should be submitted electronically on the following link (the form’s title mentions the autumn semester of the academic year 2020/2021, but this is not an issue, this is how the topic announcement of the research part from the previous semester connects to this one):

Students should fill in the topic announcement form after the consultation with the supervisor in advance. If a student chooses an external supervisor (not a lecturer of the PPK or another faculty of the university), it is also necessary to find an internal supervisor according to most study programmes. (If you are not sure whether you can have only an external supervisor in your study programme, please contact the secretariat of the relevant institute, in advance.) Students and all supervisors designated in the document will receive the completed topic announcement form via email, automatically.

The supervisor reads the topic announcement form submitted and forwarded to their email address. If there are no comments, there is no further action to take. In the case of their disagreement, they write their comments to the student and to the email address provided by the institute.

The secretariats of the institutes in charge of students’ study programme collect the approvals of supervisors, Heads of programmes, specializations and Heads of Institutes. Students are informed about the consent of their topic announcement.

Attention: there are two thesis parts in the MA programme in psychology, two thesis topic announcements must be submitted, accordingly (with a separate deadline). Students who want to take the final exam in the current, spring semester of 2021 have already submitted the research part’s topic announcement with a 15 October 2020 deadline, only the applied part’s topic announcement has to be submitted now.

Topic announcement is possible on the above link until 25 february 2021.

The topic announcement for other programmes (with a deadline of 15 May 2021), will be done through Neptun, we will provide more information on this in the future, here, on the website.

PPK Student Affairs and Registrar's Office